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TK43 Strain

TK43 Strain Jungle Boys


Dosi Killer Strain

This is yet another outstanding strain from the Jungle Boys. trichomes cover the surface of the plant, giving it a gnarly appearance with a rainbow of purples, greens, and oranges covering it. The flowers are still dense and well-trimmed, despite the fact that they are slightly fluffy at the top.

After breaking the seal, you’re hit with a burst of gas and cake terps, which makes me want to stick my entire head in the bag to get rid of the smell. With earthy and slightly fruity notes on the inhale and sweet terps on the exhale, the flavour is consistent. The smoke was also exceptionally clean and smooth; I couldn’t get enough of it. Despite the fact that the high was plenty strong and definitely a mood enhancer, I was surprised because I had expected it to be even stronger and even a slumper, but it instead left me relaxed and in good spirits. I’d definitely like to see more of this, and I’d be interested in seeing what other growers can do with the genetics in question. Jungle boys have undoubtedly produced another winner with this one, as has become their trademark.


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